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Product design and restoration of furniture. Agreements and disagreements ( Edition 2014 )

C. i R. de Mobiliari - 13th March, 2014

The product design generates, among other things, new furniture. This furniture will allow human beings to interact with their nearest environment, to create comfort and even to forge their own identity. Furniture restoration allows us to recover ancient furniture in order to, somehow, defend personal and collective memory. The restoration also gives us a sense of past and the design proposes us a...

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Improvements in the Museu Diocesà d’Urgell’s reserve room: Low cost preventive conservation and systematizing of the curative conservation process to numerous artworks ( Edition 2014 )

Conservació Preventiva - 12th March, 2014

According to the need of storing a set of hundred and fifty eight artworks, the reserve room of the
Museu Diocesà d’Urgell’s had to be broadly intervened. The aim of the intervention was to stabilize
the numerous set of panel paintings and polychrome carvings, as well as the improvement of the
space destined for the storage collections of the museum. This project belongs ...

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Lime Nanoparticles. A new method for calcareous stone consolidation ( Edition 2014 )

Research - 12th March, 2014

This article will present the results of a consolidation treatment performed in two types of
calcareous stone, the Tuffeau stone and the Saint-Maximin stone. The method used was based on
lime nanoparticles in alcoholic dispersion. The samples were conditioned at different values of
relative humidity and a constant air flow during the product’s carbonatation. To evaluate the<...

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“Així tornen els vençuts”. Restoration of the Memorial to the republicans ( Edition 2014, Latest edition )

C. i R. de Material Petri - 10th February, 2014

In Autumn 1977, a memorial was built in the cemetery of Montuïri to honor 22 majorcan
republicans murdered by hands of the falangists; due to its deterioration, in November 2012, the
Associació Memòria de Mallorca decided to have the monument reformed. In this project the
commemorative tombstone was accompanied by symbolic elements and the relatives’ victims

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The handcrafted tradition of the plaster cast in the Valley of Lord ( Edition 2014, Latest edition )

Techniques and Technology - 1st February, 2014

The running on a small scale of plaster sites in the Valley of Lord, at the current township of
Guixers, north of Solsonès (Lleida), has been taking place since the Middle Ages. This implies that
inside the area of this territory, a great variety of working technologies on this material have arisen
from the 12th to the the 19th centuries. These technologies have conformed to ...

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Methods of reproduction of image of watermarks ( Edition 2014, Latest edition )

Techniques and Technology - 31st January, 2014

The watermarks in paper are the most important element to its identification. As a result of this study we have analyzed and optimized the existent methods to reproduce the image of the watermarks, looking for those that are mostly affordable, so as simple and trustworthy.

Mª Dolores Díaz de Miranda y Macías: PhD in Conservation and Restoration of Heritage for the Universitat de ...

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Wood post of L’Assut. Conservation and restoration of a rafter of archaeological wood of terrestrial origin ( Edition 2014, Latest edition )

C. & R. d'Arqueologia - 31st January, 2014

The following article describes the works of conservation and restoration of a wood post from
L’Assut's, an Iberian site in Tivenys (Baix Ebre, Tarragona). This work was carried out in the
laboratory of the third course of Archaeology of ESCRBCC during the course 2011-2012, under the
supervision of the professor Júlia Chinchilla Sanchez.
Unfortunately, it is not comm...

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The restoration of archaeological material exhibited at Born Centre Cultural ( Edition 2014, Latest edition )

C. & R. d'Arqueologia - 31st January, 2014

The former market el Born from Barcelona was inaugurated as a Cultural Center in 2013. In its interior, we can appreciate the archaeological ruins belonging to the Ribera neighborhood that was destroyed after the Succession war, between 1714 and 1719, to construct the Bourbon’s citadel of Barcelona. We can also observe a permanent exhibition in which it’s explained how the Barcelona citizens w...

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The flag of Saint Eulàlia: a treatment of integral conservation ( Edition 2014, Latest edition )

C. i R. de Pintura - 31st January, 2014

The Museu d’Història de Barcelona (MUHBA) has started the conservation and restoration project of Saint Eulàlia’s flag. Due to it, it has been necessary to follow the history and the vicissitudes of this emblematic piece for the city of Barcelona. It was also necessary to study the materials’ characteristics and the environments to which it has been submitted, as well as to evaluate its su...

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Josep Ma Xarrié and the modern history of restoration in Catalonia ( Edition 2014, Latest edition )

Història i Iconografia - 28th January, 2014

Josep Ma Xarrié i Rovira (1943-2013) represents the generational bridge between the first restorers,
specialized as such, and the contemporary curators-restorers with a regulated formation. He has
been pioneer in settings the foundations of restoration in Catalonia. Xarrié is a name that links
heritage with Catalonia and art with restoration.
Pere Rovira Pons. Conserv...

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